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We live in a 2016 Grand Design Momentum 385TH Toy Hauler. Overall, we have been EXECPTIONALLY pleased with Grand Design RV. The initial build quality was really good, and they worked with us on anything that needed fixing. They really shine when it comes to support after the sale.

We are NOT so pleased with General RV. We had to take the trailer to them for a major repair. They didn't live up to what they promised, and we had worked with them for more than a month to make sure everything was coordinated with Grand Design RV. Grand Design saved the day on that one, but we found that General RV has most of the same issues on the service side that you hear about from other dealers.

The Trailer:

Deciding to get a trailer and finding the right one was an entire story itself. To learn more about our journey in finding and moving into it, taking care of it, modifying it, etc. - click here.

Finding And Financing A Deeded RV Lot

Although we wanted to go full-time in living in our RV, we also wanted to have a permanent home lot where we could park it. There are a number of challenges in both finding and in financing a deeded RV lot. Click Here To Learn More.

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