Education and Home Schooling

One of the goals that our family set early on was to engage in Home Schooling. It's not for any religious reasons, in fact, it's more of the opposite. We believe in the Constitution and in the ideals upon which this country was founded upon.

We see the current public school system teaching things that are very much anti-freedom and anti-personal accountability. "Just because of one person doing something wrong, it's OK to ban it from everyone". They teach that it's OK to limit freedom in exchange for an illusion of safety.

So-called "zero tolerance" policies teach that if a bully attacks you and you defend yourself, you need to get in trouble too.

They teach that if your t-shirt offends someone, you need to be punished - if you don't conform, you need to be suppressed.

This is opposed to the principles of freedom, where ideas can be debated and where people can accept that others believe differently than they do. They teach that the Constitution doesn't mean the things it plainly says.

You can see the results of children growing up in such "zero tolerance" environments. They are growing up and getting into positions of leadership in companies and elected offices, and establishing policies and laws and advance that agenda.

We want to do our part to make sure our children understand these ideas, as well as getting a good education in everything from reading to writing, math and science, and history, geography, oceanography and meteorology, and the practical things they can learn at our off-grid farm/ranch.

Home Schooling In Utah:

One of the reasons we elected to remain Utah residents is because Utah has good laws and regulations relating to home schooling. A signed and notarized form is required to be submitted to the local school district when beginning to home school.

Utah law does not enable a school distrct to interfere with home schooling efforts.

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